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Advisory services

Strategic Review

The work of strategic consultancy is aimed toward a review of the original project through the verification of the validity of the original assumptions to arrive at either their modification or the addition of new working hypotheses.

This work may concern land, construction in progress or finished works. It includes:

  • Preliminary due diligence to verify the current situation
  • Setting out possible alternative strategies for asset valuation
  • Verification of the economic, technical, legal and commercial feasibility of the selected possibilities
  • Drafting a development plan
  • Financial, fiscal and administrative optimization for stakeholders
  • Drafting a Business Plan

Investment Management

This work is undertaken in those situations when the original sponsor defaulted or proved to be inadequate.

In these situations our company possesses the necessary expertise and resources required to recreate the enterprise and deal with each stage of development, ensuring strategic management and coordination for the entire operation.

Development Management

Innova-re provides support for either the original or the new sponsors of the initiative comprising assistance with the financial, legal, technical and commercial structures in all phases of development and ongoing verification of compliance with intermediate project targets, to guarantee the achievement of the objectives set for the completion of development for all of the stakeholders.

Construction Management

Our experience, put at the service of the completion of the construction projects on schedule and on or under budget, guarantees efficacy and transparency.

This includes:

  • Bills of quantities for the quantification of the costs
  • Tender management using competitive procedures aimed at the highest levels of transparency
  • Assistance and consultancy in the conclusion of the contract
  • Ongoing verification of compliance with the contract

Real Estate Risk Management

  • Identification and assessment of risk factors
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Creation of models for the analysis of significant real estate risk factors
  • Identification of solutions for controlling, reducing and hedging risks

Financial Restructuring

This activity consists in consultancy and assistance for the definition and completion of complex transactions aimed at the the restoration of balanced and sustainable financial situations, through the injection of either new risk and/or debt capital, the rescheduling and renegotiation of existing debt exposure, even within the scope of insolvency proceedings; and includes:

  • Analysis and definition of the most appropriate and sustainable financial structure
  • Drafting of a financial restructuring plan whether in or out of court
  • Involvement, alongside management, in the renegotiation of existing debt and/or in seeking new financial resources, whether equity or lending
  • Negotiation with the counterparts for the restructuring of either bank or bond debt
  • Advice to creditors on the protection and optimization of their positions

Distressed Asset Advisory

Innova-re offers a wide variety of specific consultancy services for distressed real estate assets such as:

  • Assessment or review of asset development plans within the scope of financial restructuring operations also through remediation plans, restructuring agreements or composition with creditors on a going concern basis
  • Assistance for agencies in insolvency proceedings for the valuation of real estate assets
  • Performance of “agency services” on behalf of lenders ensuring information flow for a continuous and appropriate representation of the management of the crisis

Property and Facility Management

These are included in all of those services essential for the management of distressed assets, also in terms of security, and any future take over of the property.


Experience in real estate redevelopment enables us to clearly assess factors of risk/opportunity and provide a cogent valuation of distressed assets.

Management Company Service

Innova-re is ready to provide direct assistance to management companies for the requalification and conversion of problematic or opportunistic assets owned by real estate funds.

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