Innova-re is the first independent full-service company providing real estate workout in Italy. This project was developed from our desire to offer strategic, financial and legal consultancy services, stemming from our first-hand experience in both the fields of real estate development and promotion and the strategic management of portfolios of non-performing loans side-by-side. Innova-re aims to meet the needs of lenders and investors in the management of real estate transactions, which seem to be no longer possible or economically feasible, so that they can carry on with the development of the original project. Specific consideration will then be given to those operations wherein the proceedings leading to the development of the land or the physical completion of the works have not been concluded and where the conservation of the value of the assets has been therefore seriously compromised, in other terms, where the collateral no longer responds to the lender’s requirements.

Innova-re’s objective is to resolve these critical situations making use of a business model that will enable the real estate initiative to be reinitiated and brought to completion through the redefinition of its asset valuation strategy, the implementation/control of its operations, and the streamlining of the financial and legal frameworks. Singular attention will then be given to the impact of the workout activities as they affect the lending institutions, both as concerns accounting and tax features as well as from the point of view of regulatory agency requirements.

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