Innova-re guarantees management and coordination of the workout operations for each initiative, specifically ensuring that the distressed businesses receive any needed strategic guidance when this management function has failed or been significantly weakened.

To this end Innova-re will, for each operation, put a dedicated team in place including business real estate specialists and financial, legal and administrative consultants. Integration of the diverse levels of experience required to start the business back up and complete the enhancement process may also be pursued owing to cooperation agreements with the principal builders associations. For Innova-re, cooperation with these associations also becomes significant to the “transparency” of the process management procedures. Indeed, this joint effort enables each operation to become known to the greatest number of operators so that those most interested can be identified, whether by size or by the type of operation they perform, thus ensuring the greatest contribution possible to the achievement of the objectives set. Lastly Innova-re has stipulated service agreements with several Operational Partners, who can ensure the provision of highly significant specialist services.

The Board of Directors can count on close support from the Investment Committee’s authoritative, specialized experts in the field of real estate development, plus the Strategy Committee’s lengthy experience in the planning and management of non-performing portfolios .


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